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Mini T-Shirts

The Mini T-Shirts,Mini-Jerseys or Mini-Outfits, are the replicas of the official jersey of your club. The fabric is soft and strong, thanks to the plastic structure that supports it.

This product is a huge success: we see a lot on the side windows and rear windows of the vehicles.

Fully customizable you can include your logo, your colors, and brands of your sponsors. The quality of the product is such that all the details will be clear and easily identifiable.

This product is one of the best fan objects to feature in your shop!

Characteristics :

Textured thick polyester 110gr/m²
Size: 10x11cm, 12x13.5cm, 15x16cm
Fixing: plastic hanger
Customization: double-sided sublimation

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We charge the lowest prices, and it is with pride that we offer you the best rates on our entire range. You can compare prices with our competitors, we will be glad to see you back.

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The transport is done by TNT or UPS throughout Europe and the estimative prices are 30 euro/10 kg, 35 euro/20kg, 40 euro/30 kg by truck. For shorter terms we can also ship the products by plane.

Best quality - Our certificates

The vast majority of our textile products come from “European Community” manufacturingas well as the ink we use have European quality certification. Also see Media Concept Certification.

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