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It’s time to customize your boxers with our sublimation printing services for underwear. You can choose from logos, initials, names or any other design of your choice. Customize underwear makes the perfect gift for the individual, or can be a great addition to any sports team’s uniform.

We have many styles and cuts for men and women which can be personalized to your liking. Our sublimation printing system can customize completely your underwer and provide long lasting designs that are guaranteed to satisfy. Also the elastic band can be customized on the entire surface

You can choose from comfortable and supportive sports styles as well as classic cuts.

The quality of the product is also given by the materials we use – 130 gr/m² smooth lycra fabric with water and sun resistant colours and fire class M1/B1 certificate fabric. The high resolution print quality is at 1.400dpi.

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Catalog & Prices

We charge the lowest prices, and it is with pride that we offer you the best rates on our entire range. You can compare prices with our competitors, we will be glad to see you back.

Quick delivery

The transport is done by TNT or UPS throughout Europe and the estimative prices are 30 euro/10 kg, 35 euro/20kg, 40 euro/30 kg by truck. For shorter terms we can also ship the products by plane.

Best quality - Our certificates

The vast majority of our textile products come from “European Community” manufacturingas well as the ink we use have European quality certification. Also see Media Concept Certification.

Our team at your service

Choose MediaConcept and best team of people will work with you.