Sports equipment

We are one of the top sports equipements producer in Europe, therefore we offer the highest quality gear for different sports from team sports – like basketball or soccer, to individual sports – like running or motocross.

Sports equipments, has various forms depending on the sport. So it is essential to tell us the sport you need the equipment for, to make the players feel as comfortable as possible.

Regardless of the sport, each club is unique in its colors and coat so it is essential that the equipment be distinguished from the other. That’s why we come to you with the opportunity of FULL customization on the surface of the equipment through SUBLIMATION.

If you do not have a ready-made design or you want to try something new, our graphic team of specialists will be at your disposal with new designs for your equipment.

We can offer you equipment for any sport you want and any size, from children up to XXXL.

Hand warmers

Elastic protection cover


If your order is more than 50 pieces there is NO SETUP COST.
For less then 50 pcs order there is a setup cost of 50 euro.

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Catalog & Prices

We charge the lowest prices, and it is with pride that we offer you the best rates on our entire range. You can compare prices with our competitors, we will be glad to see you back.

Quick delivery

The transport is done by TNT or UPS throughout Europe and the estimative prices are 30 euro/10 kg, 35 euro/20kg, 40 euro/30 kg by truck. For shorter terms we can also ship the products by plane.

Best quality - Our certificates

The vast majority of our textile products come from “European Community” manufacturingas well as the ink we use have European quality certification. Also see Media Concept Certification.

Our team at your service

Choose MediaConcept and best team of people will work with you.